Susan Giangiulio

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Susan Giangiulio

Navarre, FL, USA

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The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code technique was created by the holistic physician Dr. Bradley Nelson. This technique uses kinesiology, better known as muscle testing, to communicate with the subconscious mind. This technique is based on the belief that emotional, traumatic events from your past can still be haunting you in the form of “trapped emotions”-—emotional energies that literally inhabit your body.

Trapped emotions are the invisible cause of phobias, and emotional and physical suffering, all of which express an imbalance in the body in the form of physical symptoms.

The Emotion Code technique can be used to immediately release trapped emotions, helping you to eliminate past personal obstacles, self-sabotage, recurring relationship difficulties, and other limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Pets also express emotions, albeit without words. Therefore, they too can be helped using the Emotion Code.

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Emotion Code (EC) Session


One night I was experiencing intense kidney stone pain, level 10 out of 10. Pain pills were not helping. I texted Susan if she could help me. The very next morning, when I awoke, there was no pain for the first time in 12 hours and I was able to pass the stone! The last time kidney stone pain occurred, it took 2 weeks to ease up. I truly believe Susan played a major role in speeding the process. It only took one Emotion Code session!
— Bogdan P. in Carlstadt, NJ

I had chronic neck pain, a raspy voice, and never felt comfortable wearing anything that showed my neck. Susan conducted three Emotion Code sessions on me and now all my symptoms are gone. A bonus is that I no longer have an addiction to diet sodas.
— Francesca F. in Algonquin, IL

My young son had been unable to pay attention in class. Susan did a remote Emotion Code session on him. Within a day his teacher commented on his improved behavior.
— Neil F. in Ontario, CN

While awaiting x-rays in the ER following an auto accident, I was hyper and anxious. Susan performed an Emotion Code session. Immediately I relaxed. I believe it helped with my rapid healing. I highly recommend “EC” after a stressful or traumatic experience.
— Sue K. in Stuttgart, Germany

As a Parkinson disease sufferer, I had my first good nights’ sleep in three years after just one Emotion Code session! It is quite astonishing as I live across ”the pond” and Susan lives in FL.
— Alastair S. in Derbyshire, England

Susan conducted Emotion Code on our newly adopted dog after she returned from being lost for three weeks. Susan explained the emotions our pet was feeling, as well as released her heart wall that she built during her four years in a shelter before her adoption.
— M.L. in Navarre, FL

Our four dogs bickered until Susan did an Emotion Code session on each individual dog. Now thankfully they all get along.
— Don L. in Chicago, IL