Susan Giangiulio

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Susan Giangiulio

Navarre, FL, USA

Become the best version of yourself!

The LifeLine Technique®

The LifeLine Technique® was created by Dr. Darren Weissman, DC, integrating ancient and modern healing modalities, into one 16 step format.

In a nutshell, The LifeLine Technique® bridges the gap between our subconscious and our conscious minds. The greatest obstacle to your well-being is the subconscious blocking--disconnecting, internalizing, denying--of your emotions, creating symptoms, such as aches, pains, disease, or stressful situations. As Dr. Weissman likes to say, “All symptoms are gifts in strange wrapping paper.” Our subconscious is telling us that our body is not in balance. The LifeLine Technique® corrects that imbalance. Results can be immediate or may take several sessions.

Certified LifeLine Practitioners do not treat disease. We treat symptoms and the whole person. We help you find the root cause of your subconscious imbalance and eliminate it.

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Thank you so much Susan for the healing session. I am sleeping much better now. Before the session when I went to bed, I would be awake for hours tossing and turning. Since the healing, I have been going to sleep within a half hour to forty five minutes. Big difference!
– Juls C. in FWB, FL

The results were almost immediate and have continued. I've discovered things about myself that I had buried deep within my subconscious.
– Jan M. in FWB, FL

My testimony with Susan is most certainly positive and intriguing by the love and gratitude that exudes from her smile and is most contagious. She was able to touch the deepest sensitivity of root issues with ease and her smile and energy helped me go there as I trust Susan. Therefore, healing occurred, and my heart, mind and spirit became inline with each other as never before experienced. I walk in life as a whole person. I recommend Susan with high regard, excellent love and gratitude experience.
– Renee in Mary Esther, FL

Thank you Susan for your clear and compassionate light. Your sessions reveal genuine truth. I deeply trust your guidance and it is spot on!
– Anthony in Navarre, FL

Before I started seeing Susan, I was tired of feeling depressed and unworthy. I read book after book on the subject, yet felt no different. For months I kept looking at Susan's ad in a health magazine. After realizing I was not getting anywhere on my own, I just took that leap of faith and made an appointment with her.

My experience with Susan has been very rewarding. Susan has helped me release negative emotions, lessen my anxiety and depression, and overcome many of my challenges. I can now be at peace with myself and the world around me.

It didn't take me overnight to get the way I was, so the healing is an ongoing process. With her guidance, with every session, I have become stronger and more confident. I feel balanced, focused, happy, and ready to move forward with my life.

I am deeply grateful for the tools and strategies she has given me to manage the stresses of everyday life. I highly recommend Susan for you, so please take this opportunity, because you are worth it!
– China in Crestview, FL

Susan helped me connect with emotions and past experiences I didn’t know I felt or remembered. I left feeling wonderful, relaxed and so much lighter.
– Laurie in Daphne, AL.

I had my first session with Susan, and I was surprised that the emotions coming to the surface were matching so well with my intention I expressed in the beginning. Everything that came up made so much sense, and I felt that I was able to release blocked energy. Susan's approach to guide the client through the session is very gentle and warm. I highly recommend her service.
– Kirsten in Los Gatos, CA.